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JEFA is formed exclusively for pleasure, recreation, and other non-profit purposes specifically to foster, promote, engage in, and conduct all phases of flying and flying-related activities in a manner to promote personal contacts and fellowship among its members including the providing of education about flying.

This site provides information on the JEFA club which includes Jeppesen and Boeing  employees plus their guests.  For more information please go to our contact page and send us a message.

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X-Country Flights

JEFA members, please note that before going on a cross country flight greater than 70 NM from KAPA, or any flight into the mountains, you are required to have your cross country approved by either the JEFA Director of Training or the Director of Safety.  The JEFA board is also requesting that when making a flight reservation in FSP ( Flight Schedule Pro ), that you add in comments section the purpose of the flight, joyride, flight training, local airports, etc.


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