JEFA Aircraft Information

JEFA uses Flight Schedule Pro to book both Aircraft and Instructors.  Each JEFA member should have already received their account. Aircraft and Instructors will be added as they become available!  Links to the instructor bios can be found on the Instructor page.

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   FlightSchedule Pro

Aircraft Pricing
(as of 02/01/2013 )
Aircraft Total
Cessna 172R – N20JA $100/hour (HOBBS)
Diamond DA40 – N505JF $120/hour (HOBBS)

 Click the links above for more information on the aircraft

All prices are wet, time is based on Hobbs time. 

Save the club some money and help keep costs down!   Fill the tanks yourself over at TAC Air  when your flight is complete!   It only takes a few minutes and the difference between the  self-fuel price and the truck price can be a dollar a gallon or more!

As of October 1, 2012,  the JEFA board will be enforcing a 2 hr day minimum charge on all  multiple day cross country flights

JEFA Block Time Purchase:
Please see the Money page for more info on Block Time purchases